Save money and time by knocking semesters off your general ed math requirment.
How it Works

Finishing your math with Ology is a pretty easy equation. You don't pay for credits that don't count for graduation. Instead, you pay for the one class you really need. Our average student saves $2,000, and knocks up to two semesters off their graduation date.

We offer personalized instruction in a class of no more than 8 students. Our instructors guide you through BYU's Independent Study Math course, and we cover relevant material from lower-level classes along the way so that students from any background in math can succeed. Once you've passed the class, you transfer the credit to UVU, and that's it — you're done. No lower-level classes, your grade won't affect your GPA, and you're done with math in as little as half a semester.

Here's the best part: you pass, or you don't pay. Our job is to stick with you until you pass. Your job is to show up and work hard. Make up classes you miss, turn in your homework, and take the tests. If you do that, and don't pass, we'll give you a full refund or let you come back for free — your choice.

Eight weeks with us, or several semesters with the other guys — you do the math.

You can find more information on the Courses page or give us a call for further info. (801) 404-5209

Who does this work for?
At Ology, our programs are designed for students attending state college in Utah. We've helped students from UVU, WSU, SLCC, Snow, etc. We have also helped high school students get ready for college math before they start university.