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We offer personalized instruction in a class of no more than 8 students. Our instructors guide you through BYU’s Independent Study Math course, while covering relevant material from lower-level classes along the way so that students from any background in math can succeed. Once you’ve passed the class, you transfer the credit to your university, and that’s it — you’re done. No lower-level math classes, you complete your general education math requirement, and you’re done in as little as half a semester. Below are just a few reasons student choose our programs over other tutoring programs and a list of questions to help you choose the course that fits your schedule, budget and college graduation goals:

Smaller Class Sizes

Ology classes have eight students or less per instructor, providing each person with the individualized attention that is not often available in a traditional college class.

Saves You Time

Instead of taking Math 920, 950, 990, 1010, and 1040 or 1050 for general education requirements, you will take one semester with Ology and be done with math through Math 1040 (Statistics) or Math 1050 (College Algebra) in a fraction of the time!

Saves You Money

By taking one semester of Math 1040 or 1050 at Ology instead of multiple on-campus prerequisite classes, you can knock several semesters off of your degree, saving you thousands in tuition costs!

Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee

We are so confident that you will pass our class that we offer a Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee! If you complete your assignments on time, attend class on time, and still do not pass, we will either provide a refund of the Ology tuition or pay for you to take the class again. Your success is guaranteed or your money back!

Expert Instructors

Our instructors are not only experts at math, they also know how to teach difficult concepts to you in a simplified way. Ology instructors are approachable, interactive, and dedicated to helping you succeed.

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