Frequent Questions & Answers

Our goal is to help you finish your general education math requirement. We’re here to help! Below are many of our students frequently asked questions, but if you have other questions that are not answered below or would like to talk to someone about the program, please don’t hesitate to call us at (801) 404-5209.

How does Ology work?

We offer personalized instruction in a class of no more than 8 students. Our instructors guide you through BYU’s Independent Study Math course, and we cover relevant material from lower-level classes along the way so that students from any background in math can succeed. Once you’ve passed the class, you transfer the credit to your college or university, and that’s it — you’re done. No lower-level classes, you complete your general education math requirement, and you’re done with math in as little as half a semester.

I struggle with math. Will this class schedule work for me?

Yes! Many of our students have struggled with math their entire lives. We have designed the program to be a mixture of review and new material, helping anyone (even those who haven’t seen or taken a math class) succeed and pass their general education math requirements!

When is the next class?

We have classes starting every eight weeks. For specific times and start dates, please visit our “Class Schedules” page.

What times are your classes offered?

We have morning, afternoon, and evening classes. For specific times, please visit our “Class Schedules” page.

How much do your courses cost?
  • Math 1050 (College Algebra)
    • $1199 + BYU Tuition + MyLabsPlus
  • Live Math 1050 (College Algebra) Online
    • $1199 + BYU Tuition + MyLabsPlus
  • Live Accuplacer Online
    • $1189
How do I know this will work for me?

We are so confident that this class will work for anyone that we have a Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee! As long as you come to class on time, complete your assignments on time and take your tests on time, we guarantee you’ll pass our class. If you don’t, we will refund you your Ology tuition or we will pay for you to take the class again for free!

What is the Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee?

Our Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee is designed with your success in mind. Students are required to attend all class sessions, turn all homework assignments in on time, and take all exams on time to qualify for the guarantee. We do realize that life can get in the way at times, so there are 5 exceptions students can use for attendance and homework. For more information on the guarantee for your course, contact us at (801) 404-5209 or see the student syllabus.

Do you offer any out-of-class resources?

We offer an open homework and study lab where students can get help from the same instructors that teach their classes throughout the day. While the math lab is free, we also offer one-on-one private tutoring for an additional cost.

Where do you meet for class?

Math 1050 and Accuplacer Prep classes are held in our office located at 290 E 930 S Orem, 84058. Our Online Live classes are held wherever you have access to a strong WiFi signal.

How can I switch my class time?

Give us a call! If the class you’d like to switch into isn’t full, we’re happy to help switch you into a different class time.

Do I have to be there the first day?

Yes! The first day is actually one of the most important! We need to make sure you are in the correct class for your major and see where your math skills are at. On the first day you will also receive your materials and vital information that you will need for the rest of the semester.

How do I make up a class?
  • For two of the classes missed, you can make them up in our open lab. To make up the entire class (and have it count for the guarantee), you must go through material and homework that you missed in class in a two hour session in our open lab. After the second absence, additional missed classes must be made up via private tutoring.
  • For any of the classes missed, students can make them up via a private tutoring session. All private tutoring appointments are scheduled through our front office. To make an appointment, call 801-404-5209, email us at, or stop by our front desk. Tutoring appointments must be scheduled at least one business day in advance and are subject to the availability of our employees.
How can I set up private tutoring?

All private tutoring appointments are scheduled through our front office and are subject to the availability of our employees. To make an appointment, call 801-404-5209, email us at, or stop by our office at 1111 S. 1350 W Suite F-40 Orem, 84058. Tutoring appointments must be scheduled at least one business day in advance of your preferred tutoring time.

What is your drop policy?

You can drop the course within the first two weeks of the semester (please reference your syllabus for your classes specific drop deadline). To drop the course you must schedule an appointment with our office and fill out a drop form. All students who drop will be responsible for a $99 drop fee and you will be prorated for the classes that have passed before your drop form was submitted. If you decide to re-enroll in the future, your drop fee will be credited towards your Ology tuition.

Do you offer any class schedules besides math?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any other courses at this time.

Will my class time be subject to change?

We pride ourselves in offering small and personalized classes. Due to this, class times can be subject to change each semester, in order to guarantee we have classes with no fewer than 4 students and no more than 8 students. This allows us to make sure our students get the help they need to succeed. Please keep this in mind as you enroll for your class. If we are required to cancel your class, then we will notify you before your class starts and we will work to find another class that fits your schedule.

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